Business Russia 2018

Summer business breakfasts series for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Learn more about investment opportunities in Russian regions.

Why invest in Russia?

Foreign Investor Road Map for Doing Business in Russia is a set of business breakfasts aimed at increasing foreign entrepreneurs’ awareness on the investment opportunities of Russian regions and on developing business collaboration between entrepreneurs of the whole world and Russia.

Is it worth investing in Russia? This question won't bother any longer should you have a look at the latest statistics. It's obvious that many international investors have already made up their mind on the issue. As of the last year’s end (2017), Russia received a record inflow of foreign direct investment from developed countries in the amount of $23 billion, which is the best result for the recent four years. In addition, an influx of private investors is also seen as the record for the last 10 years.

According to one of the world's most reputable audit and consulting companies Ernst & Young, the largest number of foreign direct investment projects is implemented in the field of production. According to 2016 data, the food industry had the top position, followed by the production of machinery and equipment, chemical products, electrical equipment. There is growing interest in investing in Russian software production. Trade industry and the Russian agro-industrial complex are also appealing to foreign investors.

The fact that foreign investors set their sights on the Russian market is easy to understand. On the one hand, we’ve evidenced active improvement of business climate in Russia recently. In 2017, Russia climbed to the 35th position in the Doing Business report measuring business regulations, which is compiled by the World Bank Group. To put that into perspective, Russia ranked 120th in the rating five years ago (2012). On the other hand, Russia still remains one of the most undervalued emerging markets. Taking into account the GDP growth above the forecast and a stable inflation rate, today a number of large foreign companies believe in the future growth of our economy and think it’s high time they invested in Russia. Private foreign investors show their interest in our country as well.

The Russian government actively encourages foreign business to invest in the Russian economy. Due to the import substitution program there is a stable growth of joint ventures producing domestic products. Since 2014, Russia approved a simplified procedure for granting citizenship to investors. The President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin offered to simplify the acquisition of Russian citizenship for investors in the Far East speaking up at the Eastern Economic Forum in 2017.

So today there is no doubt whether to invest in Russia. The question is how to do that? The most serious predicament might be not objective economic factors, but a credibility gap and weak understanding of the Russian business environment. If you have made up your mind to invest in Russia and would like to develop a road map for successfully doing so, your possible first step could be to take part in one of the business breakfasts Foreign Investor Road Map for Doing Business in Russia.


Our Objectives

National Russian breakfast and familiarity with the gastronomic traditions of Russia
Seminars of key business consultants in different fields on cooperation with Russian partners
Personal acquaintance with representatives of regional authorities responsible for investments in the regions
Networking and access to the database
Learn the best ideas for business


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